Escape rooms are not a new concept. They are great to go to with friends, family, as well as team bonding. However, one escape room in Boston, MA, may have created the perfect date night escape room.

Trapology Boston has 6 different escape rooms with multiple levels of difficulty ranging from "medium" to "wicked hard." However, one room is only for adults. That's right, only individuals 18 or older can attempt to escape.

If you think that normal escape rooms are interesting and test your mind, but want to explore something a little different, well, you definitely can try something unique at Trapology Boston in their R-rated escape room.

What is this R-rated escape room? Let's just say that if you want to explore or dive into any BDSM kinks, then you may enjoy this room. Be prepared to see leather and then some. I cannot seem to find another room in New England like it. To answer your next question, if you choose to do this room, you will be getting your ID checked.

If you are looking for a fun night to do an escape room and an R-rated room is not your style, again, Trapology Boston offers other rooms for you to try to break out of (some much more realistic than others).

Current Rooms

1. "The Boobie Trap," is an escape room where you enter a BDSM room hidden behind a coffee shop, that also features a live actor. Your goal is to get in and out without telling your secret as to why you are there. After looking at some reviews, it seems not many people successfully complete this room. Do you think you have what it takes?

2. "The Drunk Tank," will put you in jail after attending a Red Sox game. You will need to figure out how and why you got there.

3. You can become a part of a clinical study gone wrong in Trapology Boston's escape room called "The Institute."

4. "Crush Depth" is a room in which you need to save yourself (and the rest of your group) on a submarine before the ghost captain gets to you.

5. You can go camping in Trapology's room "The Retreat," but be warned, many people have gone missing at this camping site. Your goal is to make it through the night and escape any terrors that come your way.

6. "The Hustler," is the only room at Trapology Boston that requires at least 4 players. You and your team will be invited to an underground gambling ring, of course, things go wrong. Now you are trapped there while the ringleader goes after your family. Your goal is to get out and save yourself and your family.

Other Information

Trapology Boston's website states that they have been creating escape rooms for six years. They also like to give back and support local and international non-profits such as Women’s Lunch Place, Autism-based organizations, Doctors Without Borders, Too Young To Wed, and Boston Dragonboat Festival.

If you are looking to test your skills and try to escape one of these rooms, you can find Trapology Boston on the 2nd floor of 177 Tremont Street.

According to their website, all games are private, so you will need to get a group of people if you want to experience any of these rooms (but at least you can plan your team and not be thrown in with random people). Trapology Boston is open daily but only takes private bookings on Mondays and Tuesdays.

I have never been to an escape room. However, it is on my bucket list. The real question is do I start off easy or jump right into something harder, because I am not going to lie, an R-rated escape room sounds very intriguing.

Interested, you can find more information and tickets, here.

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