I get it. It's a real pain to clear snow and ice off your car following a big winter storm. It would probably be hard to find anyone that says they enjoy it.

But most New Englanders understand that it comes with the territory when you live here, and will take the time to brush the ice and snow off their vehicle.

But apparently someone didn't think it was all that important to do so.

In a story posted by Channel 8 WMTW, there's a photo of a vehicle that was pulled over following that big snowstorm we got the other day.

Salem Patrol Officer Riccardo Nicosia snapped the pic, which shows that the driver only cleared the snow from half of his windshield, leaving a thick layer of snow on the other half, as well as the entire roof of the car.

This is a big no no in the Granite State.

"Jessica's Law" requires drivers to clear snow and ice from their vehicles prior to hitting the road, in the interest of safety. The driver of this vehicle was handed a $310 ticket for the offense.

So please, don't be this guy. Have a little consideration for your fellow drivers, and take an extra minute to finish clearing that snow off your car.

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