It's a curious thing about holiday weekends. We put so much stake into them when it comes to plans whether that be camping, hiking, or just gathering with friends and family. We're willing to travel further and stay longer.

But for the people of New England, all of that excitement often hinges on the weather. Memorial Weekend 2021 did not deliver weather-wise unless you're a huge fan of damp conditions, cool breezes and random downpours Even Keith Carson couldn't believe what we were dealing with.

If you're willing to put all of that behind you, the weather isn't just going to rebound over the next few days, we're actually going to sizzle. The weather pattern is going to shift in our favor and heat lovers will rejoice with a real chance for Maine and New Hampshire to have their first official heat wave of 2021.

Shared on Twitter by Robert LaRoche, the sizzle should begin to arrive Friday and could last all the way through the following Tuesday. After Memorial Weekend fought hard to break 60 degrees for a high temperature, this coming weekend could see easy 90 degree weather in several parts of the state. 80's and 90's could be the name of the game from Saturday through Tuesday meaning; if you haven't put that air conditioner into the window yet, you've got a few days to get it installed.

Does a heat wave make up for a bummer of a Memorial Weekend? Perhaps. Just don't let it happen again on July 4th, Mother Nature.

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