It's more like 'au revoir', as you will still hear my voice quite a bit on The Shark and I'm staying right here on the Seacoast, in my home town of Rochester. I'm just leaving to fulfill my lifelong dream.

Joining The US Postal Service!

Whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, the answer was always a mailman. I think the following Sesame Street musical segment was my original inspiration.

Such a cool gig, cruising around 'the neighborhood' in that sweet jeep, decked out in Federally issued grey and navy blue uniforms and providing a very important service to my fellow American citizens.

I'm getting emotional just writing that line!

I tried an entrance exam (or two) after high school, to no avail, and eventually, that dream was put to the side.

It seems surreal that after all these years, it's really happening.

Back on October 24th, 2002 I started here at The Shark as a part time 'promotions assistant' and within about a year, I was broadcasting on afternoon drive full time.

After ten years plus at that position, the move was made to place me on The Shark Morning Show where I have been for the past 7 years.

There are so many terrific co-workers that I have to thank who have helped me on this amazing radio journey and if I listed them all, the pages would go on for miles.

I'm infinitely grateful to Christine (who we refer to on the show as our boss's boss's boss) for being so accommodating and understanding throughout this process.

And thanks to Sean, the digital wizard, who has worked so hard with me to provide compelling content and has spent countless hours assisting me. I have never met anyone more patient. (He's going to read this before it gets published and hopefully he won't delete it because he is also very humble.)

Thank you Sarah.

These past 3 and a half years I have sat upon my throne of gold with the solitary goal of making you laugh. The perfect gig!

It's something that I've relished doing on and off the air for more than two decades. I can't imagine not being able to do that on a daily basis but, thanks to my cell phone, I'll be able to transmit the finest material to you instantly.

There is no better laugh, producer and partner on the planet and I will miss you dearly.

Well, there you have it.

If you see me out on the road. Don't beep! It'll freak me out and I don't want to hit a mailbox.

But if I'm not driving, by all means don't be afraid to say hello as 'I work and work the whole day through, to get your letters safe to you.'

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Sarah Sullivan Photo Credit
Train Images
Courtesy NH DOT - March 1990
Train Images
Photo Credit - Jodi from Accounting

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