I was always that kid who, when summer school vacation arrived, missed learning and sought out to stimulate my brain on my own (truth be told I was always more interested in pursuing learning on what sparked my imagination than what the teacher might assign).

To this day, I am still a nerd who loves visiting museums, historic places and such. I have been living in Dover for a bit now, and I just finally spent some time with the Woodman Institute Museum. It's a fun summer brain food feed close to home for sure if you've never stopped in OR its been awhile!

The eclectic array of items from one of Abe Lincoln's horse saddles to an ancient Japanese sword; the beautiful grounds, architecture of the main building, photos of Dover's history are all quite grabbing.

The facility itself, according to its website, is into its second century and is on the National Register of Historic Places!

Definitely worth a summer visit, have you been lately?

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