I love Rochester, it’s been my hometown for a few years now.  We are all going through difficult times and it's heartwarming to know there are so many people out there that care.  Homelessness and food insecurity have been problems in the area since before the pandemic. The pandemic has only made it worse.  Thankfully, the caring members of Allies for Change in Rochester have found a way to help out according to Fosters.com.  Allies for Change has installed a food cabinet in Rochester to help.  It is located next to Grace Community Church’s garden at 69 Wakefield Street.


Stocked with food and survival needs, the cabinet will be much needed as winter approaches.  Renee Napolitano, one of the co-creators of Allies United for Change in Rochester tells fosters.com that “Food insecurity this year is going to be horrible.  We wanted it to be something people could come to at night when everything else is closed.”  You can stop by and make a donation anytime.  Items needed are non-perishable food products, toiletries, pet supplies, socks just about anything you can think of that you would need if you were experiencing homelessness.

According to fosters.com, you can also help with monetary donations by contacting Allies United and donating to their organization at paypal.me/AlliesUnited.  You can even schedule item pickups by emailing alliesunitedforchange@gmail.com according to the news outlet.  Small donations can make a difference.  Imagine if we all made one small donation of socks, or a can of food, how much of change we could make in our community.




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