With graduation season in full force, my fiancee, Rochelle, and I were looking at the guest speakers over recent years at schools both here in New England and all over the country and got a chuckle!

Some were amazing: She missed Barack Obama when he was president by a year (her graduation year got CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta); my sister had Ben Affleck back in 2009 (see pic); me? Leonard Cohen!

Here are some odd ones we found with a simple Google search, these people really have given a commencement speech:

Charlie Sheen

Jared Fogle

Dustin Diamond


Ben Curtis (“Dude You’re Getting a Dell” actor)

Anthony Scaramucci

John Edwards

Jenny McCarthy

Who do you think has given the best commencement speech? What about the worst? Is there one in New England that's truly memorable?