It was exactly 34 years ago and I went to this show. A friend of the family had 2nd row tickets that were right along the aisle where all the wrestlers entered the ring. At 10 years old, I was awestruck seeing the 7'4" 425 lb frame of this legendary wrestler.

@gonictrain VIA Twitter
@gonictrain VIA Twitter

I also remember that all the 'faces' (good guys) defeated all the 'heels' (bad guys) throughout the entire event. Until yesterday, I thought this was unprecedented but a fellow broadcaster, ex-wrestler and aficionado Justin McIsaac (@Justin_McIsaac) informed me on this thread that this was common for 'spot shows'.

Another remarkable fact is that even though this unforgettable night happened in 1984, and given the typically short lifespan of pro wrestlers, only Andre and Chief Jay Strongbow have passed away. The entire card is nearly all still alive! (Rene Goulet is 85!)

I also remember the Portsmouth Gym was packed that night. We're you there? Let me know!

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