Source: WalletHub

Do you consider yourself to be a hard worker? If so, this list might offend you.

WalletHub included 116 cities on their annual list of "Hardest Working Cities In America." For 2018, Boston, Massachusetts is in the top ten. Bean Town is number 7. Manchester, New Hampshire also did fairly well, at number 36. Portland, Maine did not do well. It is 58 on the list.

Taking a look at other New England cities: Bridgeport, Connecticut came in at 55. Burlington, Vermont is number 98, and Providence, Rhode Island is 105.

Some of the factors that were considered by the WalletHub researchers were the average hours worked per week, how many jobs people had, volunteer hours, and the average amount of leisure time.

Here's a look at the employment rate between 2009 and 2016, according to WalletHub:

Source: WalletHub

In case you're wondering, the top three hardest working cities are:
(1) San Francisco, CA.
(2) Fremont, CA.
(3) Jersey City, NJ.

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