Between setting the clocks ahead, another oncoming blizzard and the fact that it's Monday, I think you deserve the happiness that this pizza place in Dover brings.

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Strafford House of Pizza

The hypnotic and stunning image above is a pepperoni and hamburg pie from Strafford House located at 116 Central Avenue.

Without a doubt, this restaurant is THE most popular with my fellow co-workers at The Bob Fuller Media Center and with good reason. EVERYTHING THERE IS TERRIFIC. Several deliveries are made from this place to our front door on a daily basis.

Their steak and cheese sub has received multiple rave reviews in print and sadly, I still haven't tried it! I love their chicken tender sub (and their pizza) so much that I've never strayed from those choices.

If I may say so, I feel that my use of natural sunlight in this photo brought the close up of the carnivorous delight to an almost transcendental level of magnificence.

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