I ran into some trouble with a bunch of Girl Scouts, Saturday night. Technically it was a bunch of Girl Scout cookies…but I blame the Girl Scouts. If those Samoas weren’t so good there wouldn’t have been a problem.

And quite honestly, my girlfriend bars some of the blame too! She bought so many boxes of Girls Scout cookies, and then left them sitting around. So while waiting for her to get ready to go to dinner on Saturday night…I had a few Samoas. My thought was how will three cookies ruin my dinner? Then I had a couple more...started reading about Red Sox spring training on my phone...and the next thing I know my fingers were covered in chocolate and caramel, I had coconut stuck in my teeth...and an empty box  on the floor.

What can I say...I had a snackcident! I admit it...it's all my fault. We've all been there. You start with one, and the next thing you know they're gone. It's reassuring to know I'm not alone. Here's what other people can't stop eating once they start...

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