According to a story from the Associated Press, Governor Chris Sununu proclaimed this "GIRL SCOUT COOKIE WEEKEND."  These cookies, I don't have to tell you - are the most delicious cookies - maybe ever, besides my Aunt Hazel's oatmeal cookies.  (RIP Aunt Hazel)

We took an impromptu poll of which ones where your favorites and we have a clear winner according to our Facebook poll:

Gary Zirpolo gotta go with the best selling Thin Mints
Barbara Lent Thin mints
Robert Rudowsky Thin mints by far.
Marcia Roaf Frost Thin mints
John Rogers Thin mints
Rhonda LaValley Thin mints...of course
Denis Scott Samoa’s
Dayna Hookway Thin mints and samoa's
Marilyn Johnson Thin mints
Paul Leal Mint!!!!!
Pamela Ladeau Thin Mints

THIN MINTS, the best selling Girl Scout cookie is the winner here in Shark Nation, but the second favorite, SAMOA'S!  The delicious coconut chocolate goodness that goes ever so easily in my mouth!  I can't even eat one of those - it will be at least 10 if I go for even one.

My favorite response from our poll, however, was from Ron Fuller who said:

Ron Fuller Whatever one is in my hand!!

AMEN, RON, AMEN!  Enjoy the weekend!

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