Food and beverage laws vary by state and they can be a literal buzzkill for customers and cost the owners of bars/restaurants/breweries some serious moolah!

If you have ever been out in Boston (or Massachusetts in general) you know they have some serious laws around "Happy Hour Specials". Drink specials are virtually nonexistent because it is believed they contributed to high rates of DUIs back in the '80s.

The staff at Canterbury AleWorks were celebrating a few days ago because Governor Sununu has signed SB125 into law!

This is excellent news for Non-Breweries because it allows them to serve ONE pint without a Food Service License!

According to NHPR,  this law also allows Nano brewers to now ship their products directly to residents; this law also clears the way for brewers to operate a retail outlet to sell products to consumers.

Canterbury AleWorks via Facebook
Canterbury AleWorks via Facebook

Here's what the people had to say about that in the Facebook comments:


"It's a start. You should be able to serve as many as you like without a food license."


"Got to love Governor Chris Sununu! He likes a good pint too! "

And then you have Dustin with the loop holes:

"GREAT NEWS!!!! Especially if I leave and change my shirt and hat, then come back."
Craft brewing has grown into a $500 million industry here in New Hampshire and employs over 4,700 workers. I'll cheers to that!

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