Trader Joe's is freakin' awesome. I could survive solely on their pot stickers and pimento cheese dip (not together) and live a perfectly happy life. It is always such a pleasant shopping experience! All of the employees seem genuinely happy to be there, so I'm guessing it must be a positive work environment.

Did you know the smallest Trader Joe's store in the world is located on Boylston Street in Boston? And according to the Trader Joe's subreddit group, it is that store's claim to fame:

slothsushi via Reddit
slothsushi via Reddit

Love that! Wear it like a badge of honor! It should be noted that the sign is in the style of Massachusetts Entering Town Signs, which are specific to the state.

Reddit user @welluasked commented:

"I used to go to this one when I was in school in Boston. Taking that escalator downstairs was like entering someone’s basement full of bootlegged TJs products."

LOL, what a hilarious description!

The store is so teeny that the line often wraps around the entire store! Sometimes it makes more sense to get in line and shop as the line moves. But I have been told that their stock is impressive considering the size!

I couldn't help but wonder (not that anyone wants to think about this dreaded time in our lives) what the heck did they do during the height of the pandemic?

According to this Instagram post, they could only let about one or two people into the store at one time.

Though she be small, she is mighty! Customers are loyal to this teeny tiny TJ location and always find what they are looking for. The moral of the story? Don't judge a Trader Joe's by its size! This bite-sized store has just as much love inside as a massive location does.

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