I apologize as the photo does not do justice to the delicious Dover pizza that you see in this depiction. Can you citizens of The Garrison City recognize this pie?

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Papa Jay's Pizzeria

This Broadway Avenue pizza place has a large menu IN ADDITION to their pizza which is out of this world.

When you walk in you'll see two small tables, groceries on the left and a soda cooler to the right. No frilly table clothes or candlelight here and that's just how I like it!

I've never been to Italy (or NYC for that matter) but Jay's pizza is just how I'd imagine a real home made hand thrown Italian pizza to taste. Maybe even better!.

More often than not, Jay (the owner) is there preparing the food right in front of you and if you need even more accountability, he has his personal e-mail address on the menu of his website.

Check it out ! I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

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