Another blue lobster was caught in Bridgton, Maine, according to a story from WCVB.  The report goes on to say that a 1 in 100 million cotton candy lobster was caught in Casco Bay in August and a 2-toned lobster was caught in Stonington not long ago with 1 in 50 million odds.

It only makes sense to me that lobsters have all different colors.  Like humans, they are creatures of this Earth that come in different colors and sizes.

According to an article at, the blue lobster gets that way because of a genetic abnormality that causes them to produce more of a certain protein than other ones.

Would you eat a rare blue lobster?

The blue lobster is not the rarest of creatures, so my answer is YES, without a doubt, I would eat a blue lobster.  I do have a bit of guilt whenever I get a little excited over eating another creature.  Truth be told, I am a guilty carnivore.  I will, if you listen to the show, eat anything, but I just can't go completely vegetarian.  I tried that once and ate a LOT of pasta and bread and I don't have to tell you what happened then.  Yup, severe weight gain.  About 30 pounds to be exact.

This isn't the first blue lobster and it won't be the last.  When another one comes along, I'll tell you about that one too.







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