Last night was the perfect night for a FREE outdoor concert in downtown Dover! Beautiful evening, not too hot, not chilly at all, just right, oh yea, and the On Tap Band ROCKED!

Thanks to everyone that came out to the HRCU Shark in the Park concert featuring the On Tap Band last night.

Huge THANK YOU to the band as well, they were great as always!

Intern Josh Pic
Intern Josh Pic

So, last night I also had the pleasure of meeting New Hampshire's next big radio superstar. Justin is a Shark listener and he absolutely loves radio. He's 10 and runs a radio station out of his house! He knows every radio station on the dial in this area, he knows their lineup, what kind of music they play, EVERYTHING. Really smart dude. I got to hang with him for a majority of the second half of the show and had a blast!

Justin and Fish

Justin really wanted to check out the Shark Van, and who wouldn't, thing is sweeeet!

Justin in the Shark Van

All in all, it was a fantastic night, saw an excellent show, it was beautiful out and I met a new friend.

Next up, it's American Made!