I always do the majority of my Christmas shopping online and this year I'm more nervous than ever that all I'll be wrapping is a bunch of IOU's.


I'm pretty regimented with my Christmas shopping routine, usually, early in the first week of December I take and hour or two and complete my entire Holiday list. Then, within a couple of weeks, all the packages arrive at my folks house.

I deliver to there for two reasons, both their enclosed back porch and their enclosed front porch are infinitely more secure than my wide open wooden steps that are within arm's reach of the street I live on. Take that porch pirates!

And, since the final distribution of those gifts will happen at that location anyway, it completely eliminates the middle man. ME!

This year however I'm starting to feel anxiety that I will be an unwitting Grinch, that is to say, the people I usually give presents to, will have nothing on December 25th.

Over the last 10 years, I have been lucky enough that every single online purchase I made was delivered by the 24th, but one. Ironically, my Dad's book on Fast Eddie Rickenbacker was the one gift that was late, but that was only by two days.

In addition to the Covid-19 pandemic, the last megastorm 'Winter Storm Gail' has also thrown a monkey wrench into the entire world of Holiday freight delivery.

Out of the 17 gifts that I've ordered, only FOUR have been delivered and there are only 3 days TOPS for those packages to make it to their destination.

Are you like me? Are you freaking out at the prospect of an IOU Christmas?

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