It’s generally unwise, whilst in a public restroom, to shout: “Yo! I’m here to see a snake!”

But sometimes you have no choice, especially if you’re one of the officials who recently responded to a strange call in a New Hampshire town.

Police in Littleton posted photos on their Facebook page displaying a gopher snake that had been found slithering around a local lavatory.

Littleton Police Department via Facebook
Littleton Police Department via Facebook

As you can probably surmise, the snake is not local to New Hampshire, and is believed to be someone’s pet that found a way to sneak out of its home.

In fact, the gopher snake is most commonly found in the West Coast of North America, according to the website They typically prefer drier climates, so perhaps this one was led astray by the uncommon winter weather in the region up to mid-January.

The snakes are known for their strength and size, and as noted by the officers, everyone made sure to keep a safe distance from this wayward traveler.

Littleton Police Department via Facebook
Littleton Police Department via Facebook

But fear not: gopher snakes are not venomous. Still, New Hampshire residents may be required to have a permit to own the animal, particularly depending on how many other reptiles they keep as pets.

This is just the latest in a trend of bizarre wildlife sightings and encounters in New England. During the holidays, a family in Connecticut discovered a bear living beneath their home, and after consulting with officials, allowed it to stay for the winter.

Just before that, a mother in a nearby town was caught on camera saving her daughter after she was attacked by a raccoon.

Meanwhile, it was still unclear how the snake managed to migrate safely in the midst of a northern New England winter. Suffice to say, it must have avoided an encounter with the dreaded Devil Monkey.

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