And when it happens, it usually leaves a mark.

Record Snowstorm Pummels Buffalo
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Since the snow has yet to fly as I write this, we don't know where this snowfall will rank in the annuls of April storms.

But as we're dreading the thought of shoveling and snowblowing what will seem like heavy wet cement, most Granite Staters have been through this drill before.

According to an article at, the largest amount of snow that fell in April was in 1982, on April 6, when over 13 inches blanketed Concord.

I remember that storm as I was a senior at Oyster River High School, and we were sent home early. That was probably the last time I was glad to see snow in April.

Over 8 inches of snow came on April 10th, 1996, a year before the April Fools Blizzard in 1997. In fact, the eight inches was more than was recorded in Concord that fell during the blizzard.

And if your Spring psyche is taking a beating with snow in early April, think of how you might have felt in 1971, when over 5 inches of snow fell in Concord on April 29th!! That's 2 days before May!!

If you've spent any amount of time living in New England, we should be used to snowfall this time of year. But not me.

April showers may bring May flowers, but April Snow really blows!

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