(Dover, NH) - I had a bee problem this week, so I called in an expert.  She believes that the bees are predicting a tough winter.

Don Briand photo

I don't like bees! I have been stung several times this summer and have noticed a lot of bee activity near the back door to my home.  I finally found a crack in the foundation that allowed the bees to build a nest deep enough that my efforts with spray cans were futile.

Don Briand photo

Haydee (pronounced Aye-day) of Haydee's Pest Free Management suited up in her protective gear and "powdered" the area after finding a back door to the nest.  I am happy to report her efforts were successful, as evidenced by the number of yellow jackets I found after she left.

Don Bee photo

Haydee said she has been dealing with lots of bee calls recently,  10 in one day alone. She says almost all of the nests she has dealt with have been high off the ground in trees and buildings. Mine was the first she has seen so low, and she has not dealt with ground nests.

Folklore tells us that this is a sign of an impending snowy winter. So is increased activity by squirrels and chipmunks, which I have definitely noticed.

I think it is time to get the snowblower tuned up, or I need to buy a truck with a plow.