It's National Cheese Day so Sarah quizzed me on a few types of cheeses. I was amazed at how badly I failed but it was an interesting and fun quiz. Can you beat my pathetic score of 2 outta 5?


1. Camembert

Is it real? Yes! Even though I confused it with being 'a Brie' which, come to find out, is WRONG. I'm going to give myself full credit for this correct answer. My Score 1/1

2. Head Cheese

Is it real? NO it is not.  I was wrong. I guess it is a jelly made from the meaty portions of an animals head. Further research will be omitted as it's even more disgusting than one can imagine. My Score 1/2

3. Stinking Bishop

Is it real? YES! And the only reason I got it right was because of this sketch. Thanks to Mr. Cleese, I'm 2 outta 3 for the cheese! <-- rhyme

4. Chhurpi

Is it real? YES! I guessed NO and therefore, my score is two outta four. <-- still rhyming

Who wants to eat Yak cheese anyway?

5. Velveeta

Is it real? NO!? As a proud American and huge fan of Kraft Foods, I could not guess 'No' as it seemed almost unpatriotic. I guess TECHNICALLY it is a prepared cheese PRODUCT.


Did u Score 3? = Bland

Any score higher than 3 = Pretty Sharp!

Any score lower than 3 =  Funky

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