Saturday morning, we decided to go on a bike ride. I knew that the Rail Trail goes through my town, but I didn't realize it was so close to my house!

We set out after breakfast and discovered a nice, easy ride that first took us downtown Raymond, close to one of my favorite breakfast places and an old railroad station.

Then we came upon beautiful Onway Lake where we had to stop to see the beauty of it all, just around the corner of our house:


 Most always, not only do I try to look at the big beauty, but the small beauty all around.  Like this rock, or should I say mineral.  I grew up in NH, and mica was and still is everywhere.  It's nature's glitter!


Sometimes, I wish that everyone still traveled by train, but I bet if you asked the passengers of that time when people didn't have any other option, I bet they'd say they want their own car.


The Rail Trail has routes all over New Hampshire.  This route thru Raymond is flat and perfect for walking or biking for all.  You should be able to find one near you and discover the beauty all around if you just stop for a moment to look.

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