According to Seacoast online,  the greenway from portsmouth to salisbury has been approved last night at Dover High by the Execute Council.

The trail will be a pedestrian and bike trail that will run from the Mass border to the Maine border.  You could bike (or walk) three states and be home in time for dinner.  The new trail will be 9.6 miles and it will run through Hampton, North Hampton, Rye, Greenland and Portsmouth.

This trail is to be part of the East Coast Greenway which is a walking and biking path running from Maine to Florida.

I have biked part of the East Coast Greenway, riding from Cape Elizabeth, Maine to Old Orchard Beach.  I am looking forward to someday going from Maine all the way to the Sunshine state!  Having done a little biking in my life, I'm smart enough to know that I will need more than one pair of biking shorts, tanning lotion and water.  Lots and lots of water!

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