Adam Sandler will perform in his hometown of Manchester on Saturday, October 22.

As someone who grew up in New Hampshire in the '90s, Mr. Sandler was a huge influence.

So, in honor of his return to the Granite State, here are Five Things I Learned From Adam Sandler:

Dress However the Hell You Want
“What are you wearing?” I’ll tell you what I’m wearing – a funny t-shirt underneath a hoody (maybe a plaid flannel, if it’s a wedding). As he famously sang about in 2019, Sandler was let go by “Saturday Night Live” before he knew he’d be the star he is today, and walks the walk of never taking your standing or income for granted.

A lot of people say it’s a bit when Sandler underdresses for a media appearance. I say it’s a New Hampshire guy savin’ up his quarters for Playland (or, in his day, the Shooting Gallery).

It’s Okay to Swear When You Golf
We all want to yell at that damn ball to get into that damn hole, and as Happy Gilmore, Sandler taught us, it’s okay to bring passion and intensity to an otherwise mundane sport. Whenever I go, it’s nothing but yelling, grunting and the tossing of clubs, until I finally tell my 5-year-old daughter, “Sweetheart, it’s just Captain’s Cove.”

A Hat’s Just as Good as a Haircut
Adam Sandler may have grown more distinguished over the years, but his hair has remained the same. As someone whose best option is going to SuperCuts and asking for “the Bert from Sesame Street,” I’m grateful to know I can skip my comb and just toss on my Polar Caves cap.

If You Forget Someone’s Name, Just Call Them “Buddy”
If you can’t remember someone’s name, why not be kind (also acceptable: “Pal,” “Chief” and “My man!”)?

Always Be Kind to Fellow New Hampshirites
I only crossed paths with Adam Sandler once – backstage at “The Tonight Show.” He noticed my Celtics hoodie (yep!) and said, “You from New England??” When I said I was also from New Hampshire, he said, “No way! What’s ya name??” Jon Rineman, I told him. “Wow, nice to meet ya!” Then: “Have a good one, buddy!”

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