Now this is an interesting concept.

It's no secret that we have a loud and proud foodie population here in New England, and with good reason. Our restaurant industry is killing it right now, and there's never a shortage of new establishments opening their doors to the public. You can never run out of places to visit for your next dining experience, especially within the Granite State.

But when it comes to your go-to meals of choice, which one do you think is the most stereotypical for all of New Hampshire? Thanks to Reddit, we now know. This website recently compiled a list of the most stereotypical meals for each state, according to Reddit users. In the site's words, "If you could describe your state using one dish, one meal, what would it be?" Before looking at the findings, this writer guessed that New Hampshire's would have something to do with maple syrup, or maybe lobster. Yes, yes, we know that lobster is a Maine dish at its core, but Granite Staters love it, too.

So, enough of our blabbering. The people of Reddit have spoken, and the most stereotypical meal in New Hampshire is...*drum roll*...

Blueberry pancakes with fresh maple syrup.

Breakfast pancakes

Yep, this absolutely checks out. It doesn't get any better than locally-sourced, real maple syrup, and pancakes are always a great go-to comfort food. We definitely agree with Reddit on this one, and are proud to have (sort of) guessed it right. And yes, lobster did make the list as Maine's most stereotypical dish.

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