In this time of quarantine, we're trying to find different ways to keep our mind occupied. One of those ways has apparently been to watch the docuseries "Tiger King" on Netflix which introduced a cast of pretty unforgettable characters into our lives. That led the Aroma Joe's location in Kennebunk to seize the moment and roll out a pair of special menu items over the weekend.

via Michelle Wakefield
via Michelle Wakefield

Shared with us by one of our listeners, the Aroma Joe's rush menu in Kennebunk got two items larger over the weekend featuring an all-new Carole Baskin and Joe Exotic option. If you were feeling like a cool cat or kitten, the Carole Baskin featured all of those tropical flavors you'd need like guava, passion fruit and orange. Or perhaps you were feeling a little saucier and decided to go for the Joe Exotic, featuring orange, pineapple and some white chocolate just because.

Those two Rush options were clearly the best choices over the Rick Kirkham, which was just Rush energy drink mixed with nicotine or the Doc Antle, which included whatever Doc said was allowed in it. Not all "Tiger King" rushes are created equal.

Thanks for the laugh Aroma Joe's and oh, Carole definitely did it.



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