Over the weekend, a baby bobcat was on the roof of the Burger King in Stratham, according to a story from CBS Boston.  The bobcat was taken down from the roof by NH Fish and Game and released unharmed.

Two things about this story:

1)  I totally sympathize with the baby bob when you have a hankerin' for fries at Burger King, ain't nothin' gonna stop you, I get it.

2)  The bobcat's Mother is probably worried sick.  I am one of "those" people who believe that animals like bobcats love and care for their children like humans do, so the mother was probably worried sick.  What if they didn't put the baby bobcat back in a place where the mother could find it?  She's going to be looking around, blaming herself, but all the while, her kid just wanted a little bit of potato goodness.

I hope he stays away because that stuff is deliciously addicting.


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