The wind was whipping around NH last night causing several power outages throughout the state.

This morning, on my way to work at 4am, I had to swerve away from tree branches that had fallen on to the roadway.  I have about a 35 minute commute and it never eased up.  Every road, even 125 through Epping and Lee, had branches, big ones, all over the road!  Not only were the roads filled with tree debris, but it looked like a carpet of yellow with all the falling leaves, which made for a dangerous ride.

As of the writing of this blog, most of the outages have been restored, but there are still some without power, according to the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative.  A map of the state shows that most of the outages are around the Lakes Region.

I've decided that there will not be a time when I have an easy ride to work.  If it's not tree debris, it's animals.  Lots of little animals trying to cross the road or eat something or just plain walking around.  In just a few weeks, it'll be ice and snow.  At least my commute involves ZERO highways.  I LOVE that.  I'll take the animals (as long as I don't hit them) and the trees.


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