These species are banned for pet ownership in the state, but I'm sure you probably wouldn't to own a few of them.

There are dog people, cat people and then there are twenty-foot anaconda people.

I'm more of a cat person, and far from an anaconda-lover, but can appreciate anyone who is looking for a different kind of animal friend in their life. However, there are some species that cannot be kept as pets in the state of New Hampshire.

Some can be kept under an exhibitor's license, but others are not allowed in the state's borders at all. I went through New Hampshire laws to see what animals cannot be kept as pets in our state.

Monk Parakeet

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Also known as Quaker Parrots, Monk Parakeets are considered an invasive species that can cause major problems if they get out into the wild. These little jerks are big, noisy and likely to build their giant nests on man-made structures. Nests that can cause major power outages and fires when made in electrical transformers.


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These freaky predatory fish compete with native species for food. They can eat anything from zooplankton, insect larvae, small crustaceans, crustaceans, frogs, small reptiles, and some times small birds, mammals and other fish. When they settle into a body of water they tend to take over, which is bad news for the locals.

Wild Cats

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It might have seemed cool to have a tiger in the movie "The Hangover," but rest assured actually having one as a pet would be a different story. These big guys are not Tiggers and will probably see an untrained "owner" as a tasty snack.


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We see enough bears in our backyards so I am sure that nobody wants to own one as a pet. He certainly won't be bringing you honey if you keep him in your living room. Probably more like pain and dismemberment.


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There are some "unique folks" in our community who feel they have a wolf spirit. Rest assured that an actual wolf would not make a good companion. Dogs are obedient and may chew your slippers, while a wolf would happily chew your skull.

Poisonous reptiles

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If you want to own a poisonous reptile, then you probably deserve the eventual poisoning that is coming your way. There are plenty of great non-venomous creatures that would love to stare at you menacingly in their tank.

Non-human primates

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I would think it would also be illegal to keep humans as pets, but you definitely can't keep any other primate in your home. All of those television shows featuring monkeys in the home have trained animals and professionals. Your life would most certainly not be any better from trying to keep a monkey as a pet.

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