You think you're having a busy day today? Today is the day that emergency visits to the dentist skyrocket.

It's not a stereotype that more people get drunk on St. Patrick's Day and then get into fisticuffs that result in peoples teeth being knocked out. We now have proof.

In fact, Vermont is the only state that doesn't see a measurable increase in dental emergencies the day after St. Patrick's Day. New Hampshire comes in at 42 out of the 50 states.

In an article at, a dentist confirms the uptick.

Dr. Page Barden, a dentist in Cumming, Georgia, agrees with the sentiment. "Yes, dentists are very busy the day after we celebrate St. Patrick." He references patients who "can become clumsy and fall down, doing a face plant in the sidewalk," and others who become so drunk that it "results in them biting someone they have offended in the fist with their teeth."

It must not be fun to be partying with the crowd at 11pm, and then sitting in the dentist's chair at 8am, pulling your teeth from your pocket in hopes they can be put back in.

Looks like for dentists, the pot of gold arrives the March 18.

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