Is NH leading the country in 'dead squirrels' because we're abnormally dry? Or are the squirrels to blame for this, somehow?

According to this WMUR-TV story, NH is seeing an unusual amount of squirrels, (a squirplus?) this year.

This could be because of the 'Abnormal Dryness' that just won't leave the mid-section of The Granite State.

Since the very latest NH Drought Update hasn't changed one bit since last week, I'm depicting this 'mid-section' as the freshly crushed mid-section of a typical NH squirrel.

As you can see in the left portion of the frame, the offending tire is branded 'Bad Year' as a humorous take on the brutal year that NH squirrels have gone through.

I just didn't have the heart to draw a tire track through Lake Winnipesaukee, it's just too beautiful to mess with.

If anybody has any clue why 'dryness' increases squirrel population, please clue me in. To me, this theory seems a bit 'nuts'.

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