Did you see this guy last night on WMUR's NH Chronicle? His Fritz Wetherbee impression is so good, I thought he was lip syncing! His name is Paul Bellefeuille and Sarah KNOWS HIM!

Is that amazing or what? I fumbled for my remote and rewound the DVR just to make sure that I wasn't seeing one of those new fangled Tic Tocs that are all the rage.


Sarah swears that Paul's impression is the real thing and she is reaching out to him to prove it. I believe her of course, you're not going to fool WMUR, not to mention the man himself, even Fritz Wetherbee was stunned by the accuracy.

But I'm very curious as to what his normal speaking voice sounds like. I do about 5 different voices that cover about 10 different impressions but my favorite and, dare I say, most accurate is that of my Uncle Doug and I think that is partly because of genetics. Our voices sound kind of similar to begin with.

I can't help but wonder if his natural speaking voice is the exact same tone as Fritz. I have to think it's similar. If his natural voice is a higher pitch I think I'll fall on the floor in amazement.

Even the geography in the fake NH historical story freaks me out. My commute every day begins in Gonic (where the fictional artist Ethan Evan Cobb was from) and ends just a stone's throw from the real house where Abraham Lincoln gave that speech in 1860 and fictitiously abandoned his pocket lint likeness.

This whole thing is as unsettling as it is wonderful.

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