I either go with cheese or pepperoni as my pizza options but a place on North Main Street in Rochester has changed my mind (and perhaps my life) with this glorious house special.

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Charlie's of Rochester (commonly referred to as Charlie's Pizza)

Is the restaurant that is responsible for the masterpiece you see in the image above.

My number one complaint with house specials is usually that they're way too overloaded with toppings.  I order a pizza because I'd like to taste a pizza, not chew down an entire mouthful of onions, peppers and mushrooms with zero pizza flavoring to be found anywhere.

This isn't the case with Charlie's. You can enjoy delicious pizza AND the perfect amount of toppings with every bite. (Whoever designed their portioning system is an absolute genius.)

There was one piece leftover from this work of art and the next morning it was just as good cold. The sign of a true pizza delicacy!

You can find Charlie's of Rochester at 224 North Main Street in Rochester NH.

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