My nephews Caleb and Connor's U-8 baseball team may have lost last night to Manchester, but they did so at a very safe and professional facility, Roger Allen Park.

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Last night, after the Top of the 2nd inning, distant thunder caused a 90 minute rain delay in which the teams were safely sequestered in separate shelter facilities.

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The U-8 Rochester team was contained on the floor directly above the Westside Concession Stand, (and very happily I might add as the above photo illustrates)

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With the delay came the inevitable lack of sunlight, so, for the first time in their fledgling baseball careers, they got to play under the lights!

As someone who has witnessed my share of ballgames under lighting all around the region, this illumination was of a very professional grade. Big time clarity baby!

Since the State Tournament is a double elimination bracket, you have not heard the last of the Rochester U-8 team. They'll play again tonight and I will bring you the update right here on this very website!

Go Connor and Caleb! Go Rochester!