I'm writing this article as an almost victim. I received an email that said the following:

You’ve been detected with a speed infringement:

Reason: Negligent driving in Greenwich, CT

Case No: 1139471

Amount due: 655.78 

This fine will be sent by mail to your address. However you can screen it now, please click here  Photo Proof - 4563456

I removed the link that was connected to the 'Photo Proof - 4563456' wording above so no one would be tempted to click on it. In the photo I've attached below, you can see that it's highlighted blue, because obviously, it connects to something very nefarious.

Here's the original email below, and I just received another one to my work email. These scammers are persistent.

Jolana Miller/Townsquare Media
Jolana Miller/Townsquare Media

Now here's the thing that made me stop and think.

I live and work in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine areas. However, I was recently in Greenwich, Connecticut, visiting family. Also, my phone number is a Connecticut number. So I immediately reflected and tried to recall whether or not I did sneak through a yellow traffic light turning red. The answer is no, not that I could remember.

About 30 seconds after that entire thought process, my training in scam emails kicked in.

First of all, why would it come to my work email? Next, why would I even be receiving an email? Finally, if this was legit, then why is it coming from a very generic-sounding email address ('penalities@speedcamerafines.com') versus the Greenwich Police Department?

Truly everything you just read happened in around a minute before I decided to google the email address and see what popped up. Sure enough, that search confirmed that this is indeed a scam dating back to 2017.

So please beware, because clearly, this scam is still alive and well.

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