Sadly, this turkey in Londonderry didn't make it, but it caused quite a commotion in the process.

Terrible Tom the Turkey

According to New Hampshire Fish and Game officials, a tractor-trailer driver suffered minor injuries after a 19-pound turkey crashed through his windshield on Interstate 93 in Londonderry.

Chris McKee, a conservation officer, said the adult turkey ended up in the cab of the trailer when it had apparently been trying to fly across the highway.

McKee said the truck driver called for help and that the turkey died of its injuries on the way to a rehabilitation center.

These wild turkeys can be quite menacing and downright scary when you happen across them. I've been on many walks and turned immediately around when I've seen these menacing birds coming out of the woods.

They don't scare easily, if at all, so it's better not to mess with them.

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