I'm 6'2" with a "big-boned" frame... I contend that this is not all that it's cracked up to be and I will present my case through a pictorial representation of my work week ..as it finished just minutes ago.


It's Monday and the new computers are here! I can hardly contain my excitement.


Tuesday means it's soda delivery time! Here is your happy carbonation distribution representative.


Wednesday and the new printer is in!! This pic was taken BEFORE I realized it was the heavist printer ever! Guess what's next!


What good is a new printer without paper! Wishin' you a Thursday that's premium bright! (and 8 1/2 by 11)


Thank God it's Friday! And delicious NH Coffee, not only is it the most aromatic cargo I haul but also the lightest!

So there you have it.. if you appear to be big and strong, you will haul stuff, you will lift stuff and then haul it and lift it again and again. By the way, dear reader, if you noticed my official Trans - Siberian Orchestra tour jacket in the final pic, only you are allowed to look at the picture below