What began as a simple social media question quickly turned into a hilarious rant session. And I agree with every single one of them.

angry woman blowing steam coming out of ears

The person in front of you when shopping who leaves their cart on one side of the aisle, while looking at items on the other side, thus blocking the whole aisle for everyone.

- Scott B

This drove me up the wall BEFORE the grocery stores went with 'One Way' aisles. Now anybody that does this has the power to shut down ACREAGE.

People using the acronym ASAP. If you say (or even worse) text, or email that you need it ASAP, I promise you it will be the last thing I do that day, if it gets done

- John B

Thank you John B!

I have just been inspired from reading this pet peeve and shall now give a new nickname to these people. I shall call them 'ASAP Yappers'. This only works with the pronunciation AYE-SAP by the way. Spelling it out is far less effective.

How about camping out in the fast lane on the Spaulding & refusing to slide right-

Jason M

This peeve from my fellow Spaulding High alum and Spaulding Turnpike motorist, Jason M, has really elicited quite a response from other Shark listeners. Similar to the grocery store peeve, there's nothing worse than getting blocked by someone who is completely unaware that there are other people in this world.

Ironically, I know for a fact, that Jason M was an All State caliber offensive lineman for Spaulding and was an expert on the subject of 'blocking' for several years.

Did I ever mention that Spaulding was the Class L Football Champs of 1990?

I apologize if my mentioning this fact in way too many of my posts is your pet peeve. Your complaining is warranted, but, much like those people blocking the grocery aisle, I will never change my ways.

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