As the Official 'Stupid News' Correspondent here at The Shark, I have seen my fair share of bizarre attack cases, but this one from Franklin NH is right out of the gutter.

Close up of bowling balls

Thankfully, and miraculously, nobody was hurt from this surreal attack that happened in broad daylight last Wednesday.

My windshield has been cracked on a couple of occasions while I was driving, and both times, I had absolutely no clue where the projectile was coming from, or what it was.

Granted, those projectiles were never a giant multi-colored ball either, but the last thing I want to do here is blame the victim.

I just can't figure out how someone could be standing either on the road, or the sidewalk of Central Street, and hurl a heavy brightly painted ball at a school bus window and not have any witnesses?

Did he or she, disappear?

Maybe the thrown ball originated from a passing car?

Once I was driving in front of St. Thomas Aquinas High School here in Dover and a kid chucked a half eaten golden delicious apple at my car and WOW.

The impact on my windshield was surprisingly heavy, even though each of us weren't going in excess of 30 miles an hour.

A bowling ball would transform into a cannon ball if hurled at a similar rate of speed.

I have to think that somebody recognizes that bowling ball. How could they not?

If this case remains unsolved, I'll put it right up there with anything the late Robert Stack ever narrated.

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