After this pick, it's all over. Bob's 2-0 performance during championship week has given him an impressive 4-2 overall record. Shark nation is at the edge of it's collective seat waiting for his most important pick of the year!

Divisional Round - Kansas City Chiefs v New England Patriots
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Bob from Honda Barn Picks: The New England Patriots -3

Bob is confident that The Pats offense will out score the equally proficient Altanta Falcons and win by more than a field goal.

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A-Train Picks: The Atlanta Falcons +3

As you can see, my confidence is not as strong as Bob's. I've been predicting that 'The Pats will win but won't cover' for this entire glorious run and I won't stop now. I realize that winning by LESS than a field goal is a statistical mind bender, but people that know football, (way better than me and my 2-8 post season record)have predicted a similar outcome.

Besides, Las Vegas doesn't just throw that -3 out there for fun. Something ain't right.

I refuse to end the article with such a foreboding sentence so, let me finish with this.

GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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