Bon Jovi will be performing an encore Drive in Concert on Saturday, May 22nd at several area Drive-In's and movie theaters.

There are several drive-in movie theaters around New England

New Hampshire

  • Milford Drive-In
  • Northfield Drive-In


  • Marshfield Drive-In
  • Mendon Twin Drive-In
  • Topsfield Drive-In
  • West Springfield Drive-In


  • Prides Corner Drive-in
  • Skowhegan Drive-in
  • Bangor Drive-In

Get your tickets starting tomorrow for pre-sale and general admission on Thursday, by clicking here.  

Couple of things here to know about before you go

You and the other people in your car have to be in your car and buckled up.  I'm assuming that you can unbuckle when the car isn't moving.  You can have up to 6 people per car on one ticket.

Also, they are encouraging you to bring a battery operated FM radio to listen to the concert on to limit your car battery usage.  Good idea, but who has a battery operated radio anymore?  I do.  You can borrow mine.

If an outdoor drive-in isn't your thing, you can see the show at an indoor theater

The AMC Movie Theater on Tremont Street in Boston is showing the event, as is Showcase Theater in Lowell, Mass.  Click here for a complete list of cinemas.

Bon Jovi Puts on an AMAZING show

You and I are friends, so I feel like I can be real with you.  The year was 1989 or 1990-ish and the place was Veterans Park in Manchester, NH.  Bon Jovi was playing an outdoor show and I got tickets.  I was lukewarm about the idea.  Yup.  I wasn't a humungo Bon Jovi fan and the thought of parking, food, etc., just tired me out before I even left my house, but I went anyway.  Jon Bon Jovi and the rest of band put on an INCREDIBLE show!  Jon LOVES his fans and it totally shows.  Before long, I too was singing, "YOU WERE BORN TO BE MY BABY.... AND BABY I WAS BORN TO BE YOUR MAN....!!"  What a night!  I'll not forget it.

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