TaB is going away, according to  That 1 calorie soda of my youth that my Mother and I were both addicted to is being fizzled out.  I swear, there was something in that soda that made you HAVE TO HAVE one.  I haven't done the research on that, but I'm pretty sure it's true.

I found this wicked cheesy commercial for TaB.  If this isn't the most sexist thing I've ever seen, I just don't know what is.  Check it out:

What the hell?  Be a "Mind Sticker."  EYOO!  "Keeping your shape in shape has it's rewards."  Oh my GAWD!  This commercial is from the '70's, but the song started in the '60's.  Here's that commercial... same god-awful music:

The pressure that women have been under for decades is INSANE!  Seriously.  I hate to think of my Mom trying to "keep her shape" by drinking TaB.

Anyway, the report says that TaB is being fizzled out by the end of the year, so stock up now.  The report cites a press release from Coke.  Kerri Kopp of the Coca-Cola Company had this to say:

We’re forever grateful to TaB for paving the way for the diets and lights category, and to the legion of TaB lovers who have embraced the brand for nearly six decades.

Yeah... thanks TaB.  That's what I'm saying.

I have a memory of coming home when I was like.... 14 years old and I was CRAVING a TaB and THANK GOD there was a cold one in the fridge.  My Mom was upset because it was the last one.  Good thing we had a store right beneath us.

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