One of the most popular players of the last few seasons was dealt to Kansas City in the middle of the night last night! Here's a look back at his bittersweet legacy with Boston.

World Series - Los Angeles Dodgers v Boston Red Sox - Game One
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Whenever a Red Sox player is member of a World Series winning team, there's a part of them that lives in the hearts of Sox fans forever.

But looking back, I was surprised to see just how terrific 'Benny' performed during the 2018 Fall Classic.

He batted .333 and scored six runs on six singles and a double through the 5 game set.

If it wasn't for Steve Pearce absolutely going off like a bottle rocket on Independence Day (2 Home Runs in Game 5) I think Andrew would have been MVP of the series.

What happened in this World Series is a consistent theme of his five seasons with Boston, he always seemed to be overshadowed, no matter what category he competed in.

A good example of this is his first full season in Boston (2017) at the ripe old age of 22. He played in over 150 games and batted .271 while smacking 20 home runs. This was good for 2nd place in 'AL Rookie Of The Year' votes.

But, of course, he once again was eclipsed by a monster performance.

Aaron Judge crushed 52 homers to lead the league and did so, while in New York. Even if Benny hit 50 bombs, he wouldn't have surpassed Judge in votes.

This last 2020 mini-season was nothing short of a disaster for Benintendi, he managed only 4 hits in 39 plate appearances and his at bats looked even more pitiful than his stat line .

I hope this move to Kansas City works out for him and I'm sure he will always be honored with a nice round of applause whenever he returns to Fenway. He will forever be a World Series Champ in Boston!

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