It seems like we have another virus that everyone seems to be getting a little panicky about.  It reminds me of the days of SARS in 2002.  The stock market is taking a nose dive, people are stock piling food just in case they can't go out in public and even I am wiping down every surface that I share with anyone else for fear of germs.

Friday morning on the Shark Morning Show, I called my sister Heidi Wilson, who happens to be not only my sister, but also the Director of Communications and Public Affairs for Newton/Wellesley Hospital.  She has been dealing with this corona virus from the day it began.  I remember before I decided to get a flu shot, she used to tell me over and over how important it was to get one.  Heidi sees so many people who get sick from the flu and unfortunately, some of them die.  I wanted to get her take on what she thought of the current hysteria and how it compares to the flu virus.  You can hear the conversation here:

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