According to a report from Boston 25 news, water balloon slingshots and lawn darts have made the list of 10 questionable toys issued yesterday by World Against Toys Causing Harm - better known by it's acronym, W.A.T.C.H.

The Associated Press included other toys like:

Low riding wheeled toys:  They are low to the ground and hard for motorists to see)

Swimming pools:  We've all heard of the tragic accidents of kids drowning in pools

Others include:  all terrain vehicles, toys with small parts: (Choking hazard) baby pools, garden buckets, backyard water slides, high-powered water guns, bounce houses and backyard trampolines.

I'll never forget picking up my son from a friends house and he was really hurting badly from a fall he took on the trampoline.  He didn't actually fall off the trampoline, but he landed on the edge of it, hurting his neck.  Serious stuff.  At the time, we didn't think he had any permanent damage, but to this day he has back issues and I can't help but think it may have something to do with that day on the trampoline.


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