The thing that really jumps out at me is his ability to possess the ball while weaving in and out of the paint with confidence. And distributing the ball with the poise of a 10-year NBA veteran.

His other teammates have been quite effusive in their praise as well.

Jaylen Brown was already quoted as saying that 'Payton is the GOAT'. Of course, there had to have been a certain degree of humor intended in that comment, but I'm glad to see that the team chemistry appears to be good both on and off the court.

I have also been amazed at how good Tristan Thompson is. I'm always 'blinded by laundry' and thought that he was overrated in Cleveland. But his dominance of the glass cannot be denied!

Last night, he threatened a double double (rebounds and points in double figures) and it was still in the first quarter.

Celtics fans will have plenty of chances to watch this exciting new line up. With four games already played, there are another three to be played just through this weekend.

It'll be fun to watch them continue to gel and compete for Banner 18!

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