This would be super convenient for many people and seems like a much better idea than what people have been doing so far to get the vaccine.

According to a report from WCVB, Boston is considering 'mobile' vaccine clinics, with the first one being tested potentially as early as next week.

The report quotes Marty Martinez from Boston's Health and Human Services agency as saying:

It's complicated, you have to have doses, you have to be able to store them, you have to be able to make sure you have a pharmacist who can do the leg work and make sure you have someone who can monitor folks.

The city is looking at parks and other public spaces to create convenience for those who are elderly or disabled to get their vaccine.

I am hopeful that this idea will work, but I can't help but think it's a little late for people who had a lot of trouble getting the vaccine in the first place.  I heard a story about a friend of mine in Medford who needed to get the vaccine when they started the vaccine site at Fenway Park.  This person has a lot of trouble walking, but he is able to drive himself around.  Fenway Park was the closest site, so he signed up to go there.  Parking is an issue for anyone who has ever gone to the ballpark.  If they had parking for people with disabilities, he didn't find it.  He ended up parking a half a mile away and was eventually able to make it to get his shot, but not without a lot of pain and hassle.  I'm hoping these mobile spots will make it easier for people.

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