Boston is a beautiful city.

As "big cities" go, it still feels like it's small...sometimes.

But not when it comes to real estate prices. There are only two other cities in the country with higher home valuations.

Boston Real Estate

According to, Boston is the third highest in the country when it comes to home valuation.  The average cost of a home in Boston is...ready? Hang onto your wallet.... $711,533. also says for every 110 people who move in, 100 people move out, driving the price of homes way up.

I can understand why people from other parts of the country would want to move to Boston.  The city has everything from "small-ish" feel for a big city to the ocean for the freshest seafood around, an amazing culture, and lots of museums.

And that's not to mention that some of the best schools and medical care you can get in the world are in Boston.


There are two sides to this.

One, if you already own a house in Boston or the surrounding areas, your equity is going way up.  On the other side, if you are looking to buy a house, chances are, you aren't having a lot of luck if budget is a concern.

There are, however, two other cities which are even more expensive than Boston, according to

  • Honolulu, Hawaii's home valuation average is $777,298.
  • Boulder, Colorado's home valuation average is (drum roll please) $958,651

There are some young people who will just never be able to afford the cost of real estate.

My sons have chosen not to buy a home right now, and maybe never.  The prices are just too outrageous, and they don't want to be in debt for the next 30 years.

What about you?  Are you thinking of not buying because of the cost of houses these days?

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