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It's been almost a decade since Red Sox fans have seen our Big Papi pop up on FOX Sports broadcasts, first joining the squad back in 2014 as a special guest analyst during the World Series and becoming more of a regular fixture since he retired from the Sox in 2016.

Derek Jeter FOX Sports

After becoming the Miami Marlins' CEO following his retirement from the New York Yankees back in 2014, Derek Jeter resigned as Marlins' CEO and began his new career as a sports broadcaster, debuting alongside his former teammate Alex Rodriguez and Big Papi this past weekend on FOX Sports.

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David Ortiz and Derek Jeter's friendship

Even though you'd think Big Papi and Jeter hate each other, because, ya know, Sox/Yanks rivalry (which is really more between the fans than the players, when you think about it), the two are actually friends and have been for a while.

In fact, during Jeter's 4+ year stay as Marlins' CEO, Papi was caught leaving his seat to move down a few rows and sit with Jeter during a Marlins/Sox game.

That said, though, it doesn't mean some kind of friendly rivalry doesn't still exist between the two Hall of Famers. And since Jeter and Papi are now both part of the FOX Sports broadcast team, we may see a lot of it pop up onscreen as we did during Jeter's debut game over the weekend.

FOX Sports: MLB via Twitter
FOX Sports: MLB via Twitter

David Ortiz pranks Derek Jeter with Red Sox uniform

Knowing Derek Jeter's birthday was coming up this past Monday, June 26, David Ortiz surprised Jeter with an early birthday gift/congratulations on the first day of broadcasting during Jeter's FOX Sports debut on Saturday, June 24.

And both the surprise and Jeter's reaction are absolutely priceless.

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